Virginia Smart Home Benefits: Prevent Fire, Theft, and Flood Damage

Smart technology for the home is more than just pretty tech. Insurance companies such as Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA know that homeowners will feel safer when they have smart technology installed in several areas of their home. Today, over 10 million homes in America have smart homes that help them to prevent fire, theft, and flood damage. Having a smart home is not just about saving on home insurance. It’s about keeping you and your family more secure.

Smart Home Flood Protection

Smart technology can help you save on home insurance when you have features that will help detect and prevent flood damage. Smart homes with devices that detect water damage, leaks, burst pipes, or faulty plumbing can help you to save a lot of money. 

Hefty insurance claims can be avoided with smart home flood and water sensors. You’ll save on insurance and increased premiums, but you’ll also save on repair bills after flooding.

Smart Home Fire Protection

Smart home fire protection takes your average smoke alarm up a notch. A smart home fire alarm can help you determine the difference between a false alarm and a major emergency.

Smart home fire sensors can determine the differences between smoke and actual fire and send different alerts for either. Some may even be able to trigger systems that put out the smoke and fire for you.

Smart Home Theft Protection

Smart home theft protection is available through security technology that can keep your home, its contents, and your people safe. This is a guaranteed saving on home insurance. 

Some smart home security features include doors that you use your phone to lock and motion sensors that trigger video recording. The list of smart home security features that will save you on home insurance is lengthy. You’ll feel safer just thinking about it.

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Do You Need Auto Insurance in Virginia?

Virginia is a beautiful state to live and work in but with the winding roads through the mountains, including the Back of the Dragon, you will want to ensure you have the proper amount of auto insurance in place to protect you and your vehicle. The auto insurance agents at the Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA understand the importance of having an adequate auto insurance policy in place.

Liability Insurance and Uninsured/Underinsured Auto Insurance

In the state of Virginia, all drivers must have a minimum amount of liability auto insurance coverage. This will help pay for damages and injuries sustained by people in a vehicle during an accident that is determined by law enforcement to be your fault. It would be best if you also had underinsured and uninsured auto insurance if you become involved in a crash with someone who does not have insurance or does not have the proper amount of insurance in place.

Comprehensive Insurance

If someone steals your vehicle, you will want it to be replaced, and a comprehensive insurance policy can make that happen. If a natural disaster damages your vehicle, a fire, or vandalism, your comprehensive insurance will cover it.

Collision Insurance

If you are driving and collide with another vehicle or object, your collision insurance policy will cover any damages that occur. For instance, if you hit someone’s parked SUV, your collision insurance will pay for the damages to the parked vehicle as well as your vehicle.

It is vital to have the proper amount of auto insurance, and the agents at the Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA can help you create a policy that works best for you and your vehicle. Call for an appointment today!

What type of coverage does renter’s insurance provide?

Insurance Piggy Bank wants you to understand how best to protect your rented apartment or home in Fredericksburg, VA. Your landlord has a policy that protects the home or apartment structure, but it does not protect your stuff. Only renter’s insurance does that.

Your Virginia home presents a cozy place to keep your belongings and entertain guests. Your renter’s insurance policy protects your property plus that of any guests. It also provides you liability protection. Your landlord’s policy also has liability protection in it, but it only covers the property’s public areas.

Liability Coverage Explained

Let’s say your parents visit you. Your mom falls and sprains her ankle while coming up the front steps to the building. Your landlord’s insurance covers her doctor’s visit. If she falls in your bathroom, your renter’s insurance covers her doctor’s visit. Even though she recovers quickly, just like a mom, both insurances sprang for the crutches. This part of your renter’s policy is your liability coverage. Inside your living quarters, this policy provides liability for any accidents occurring there.

Property Coverage Explained

Your nifty renters’ insurance policy also provides coverage for your personal property and the personal property of any guests you host. Personal property refers to everything from stereos, furniture, and clothes to computers, TVs, and cell phones. This includes named perils like hailstorms, tornados, hurricanes, fires, and thunderstorms.

Coverage Types

You can pick from cash value coverage or replacement value coverage. A cash value policy provides the depreciated value of a damaged item. That television or stereo you bought five years ago for $500 would get you the depreciated value, so you probably would not get enough to purchase a similar stereo. Replacement value nets you the cost of purchasing a new TV. It will cost a bit more in premiums, but if you must file a claim, you will be able to replace the item for what it costs new immediately.

Contact Insurance Piggy Bank of Fredericksburg, VA to learn how you can protect your property and finances with a renter’s policy. Ask about add-ons for your home business.

What auto insurance is required in Virginia

Fredericksburg is a historic Virginia city and a great place to live and drive. Like all places in the state, drivers are mandated to have basic insurance before they drive or even register a car. You can count on your independent insurance agent to make sure you comply with the laws in Virginia. Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA is locally owned and operated. We deal with multiple carriers to provide our customers with the most choices. 

In Virginia, you must maintain liability insurance in the amount of 25/50/20 or pay a $500 Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee, which expires with your registration and must be paid again when you renew. Proof of insurance should be in your vehicle at all times, and you must be prepared to present it if requested. The state of Virginia takes vehicle insurance seriously. If for any reason your liability insurance ceases or you don’t pay your UMV fee, your ability to drive and register your vehicle will be suspended. You will then be required to pay a $600 non-compliance fee. 

If you have a vehicle loan or are leasing a vehicle in Virginia, you will be required to carry additional insurance. Collision and comprehensive coverage protect the vehicle itself from a variety of types of damage. Even if you are not required to carry these types of coverage, they are ones you should consider. If your vehicle is important to you and has a reasonable amount of cash value, it is worth protecting. Collision coverage protects your vehicle if you are in a collision where you are responsible, or it is a single-vehicle crash. Comprehensive coverage protects you from damage from things that are beyond your control, including theft. 

At Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA, we take our commitment to our customers seriously and will happily help with your auto insurance needs. 

Is Condo Insurance Required in Virginia?

Condo insurance isn’t a requirement in Virginia, but it is certainly a wise investment for condo owners in the Fredericksburg, VA area. If your Condo Master Insurance Policy only offers “bare walls” coverage, a separate condo policy from Insurance Piggy Bank is a must to protect you against disasters that could cause financial loss. What protection does condo insurance offer?

Building Property Coverage

Like any other building, your condo is susceptible to disaster damage. A sudden fire or severe storm could leave you with thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the interior of your condo home. Building property insurance protects the interior structure of your condo to include walls, flooring, and permanent fixtures against perils like fire, vandalism, severe weather events, and other disasters. If your unit suffers structural damage, building property coverage will compensate you for your loss.

Personal Property Coverage

This coverage protects your belongings to include clothing, artwork, electronics, furniture, and appliances up to the limits of your policy. Most policies cover such perils as theft, vandalism, fire, and other disasters. Personal property insurance also protects goods you take with you when you travel by covering their repair or replacement if they’re damaged, stolen, or lost.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance protects you and your family financially by paying for the medical expenses of people who have accidents on your property. If a friend twists his ankle after tripping over your dog, liability covers his medical costs. Liability covers all kinds of accidental injuries, including slip and falls, dog bites, kitchen burns, and more.

Loss of Use Coverage

If you can’t live in your condo due to disaster damage, loss of use insurance reimburses you for living expenses you may incur elsewhere, such as a hotel, until your condo is repaired.

For quality condo coverage for your Fredericksburg, VA condo, call or visit Insurance Piggy Bank today.

Should I pick a home insurance policy in Virginia?

If you are a resident of the Fredericksburg, VA area, it could be a good idea to purchase your home. Property owners tend to benefit over the long run due to price appreciation and having a flat mortgage payment for up to 30 years. If you do decide to purchase a home here, it is important that you insure it as well as you can. There are many reasons why you should pick a quality home insurance policy here.

Insurance Gives Valuable Coverage

The main reason people in this area should get home insurance is that it can provide them with valuable coverage. Anyone that wants to buy a home will want to ensure that their valuable asset is covered. With an insurance policy, you will get the protection necessary to repair or even replace your home. Additionally, your home insurance policy will include a liability insurance provision that will come in handy if a liability claim is filed against you.

Coverage is a Lender Requirement

It would be best if you also got a home insurance policy as it could be a lender requirement. With interest rates as low as they are today, financing your home purchase with a mortgage is a great option. If you take out a loan, you will have home insurance requirements that need to be met. Most lenders will even require that you escrow for payments as it will ensure you remain covered at all times.

As you are looking for home insurance in the Fredericksburg, VA area, it would be a good idea to speak with the insurance professionals at the Insurance Piggy Bank. If you speak with the team at Insurance Piggy Bank, you will get guidance to help you choose a new policy. This will ensure you remain properly covered at all times. 

Do all people here need to get boat insurance?

Anyone that is in the Fredericksburg, VA area should consider getting a boat. When you live in this area, you are going to have many months of warm and sunny weather. To enjoy this to its fullest, having a boat can be a great option. When you are a boat owner, you will have a lot of fun ahead of you. However, everyone needs to remember that it is still an important asset that requires proper insurance.

Insurance is Required in Local Areas

You may need to get boat insurance here because it could be a local requirement. There are many different waterways and marinas in the area that have specific insurance rules. The local areas will require that you carry boat insurance as it ensures you will pay for any damages that you could cause. Also, it takes the liability off the local marinas as you will already have coverage for your boat and assets.

Lenders require insurance

You may also need to get boat insurance as your lenders could require it. If you have taken out a boat loan when you buy your boat, you will have specific boat insurance rules in your loan agreement. The boat insurance rules are going to be set as it helps to protect your lender’s collateral. Not having this coverage could put you into violation of your loan agreement. 

As you are looking for a boat insurance policy in the Fredericksburg, VA area, you should call the Insurance Piggy Bank. The insurance team at the Insurance Piggy Bank understands the complexities that come with boat insurance. They can give you the guidance that is needed to understand all of your options fully. This can help to ensure that you remain properly covered at all times.

What is Commercial Insurance?

If you have a business in the Fredericksburg, VA area, then you may have heard the term "commercial insurance" flown around a few times. However, if you have a business, it’s absolutely crucial that you understand this term and have this type of insurance. Learn the in’s and out’s of commercial insurance and how you can get your business covered with Insurance Piggy Bank. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial coverage if your business’s property, equipment, or reputation is damaged. Here are some areas that commercial insurance can provide your business with financial coverage: 

  • Liability
  • Property damage
  • Equipment damage
  • An employee is injured on the job
  • Legal fees
  • Lawsuit

These are just some of the areas in which commercial insurance can provide your business with financial coverage. The specific amount of coverage and the type of coverage you receive will depend upon which commercial insurance policy you choose. To find the right commercial insurance policy for you, visit Insurance Piggy Bank for a consultation. 

Why Get Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is not only a luxury but a necessity. Commercial insurance can protect your business in trying times when you need help the most. After all, you’ve spent countless hours and maybe even years building your business up from nothing. Wouldn’t you want the best type of protection possible for something you worked so hard to build? 

Plus, it’s not just your business’s property and equipment that’s on the line. You also have to think about your employees, since your employees are the ones who keep your business running smoothly. It only makes sense to provide your employees with the proper amount of coverage. 

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When it’s time to get the right commercial insurance protection policy, visit Insurance Piggy Bank. Our office proudly serves the Fredericksburg, VA area. 

I’ve paid off my mortgage, do I need home insurance?

Having a celebration when your mortgage is paid off is a common occurrence. After 15 to 30 years of the monthly payment, it is a relief to be able to burn the contract that you signed so many years ago. Now that the mortgage is not hanging over you and the requirement by the lender to carry home insurance has disappeared, you may be asking, "Do I need home insurance?". Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA is an independent insurance agency that offers top carriers to their customers for a customized approach to insurance coverage. 

The answer to ‘Do I need home insurance?" is that in the state of Virginia, you do not need to carry home insurance if not required to by a lender. But just because it is not legally required doesn’t mean that it is a good idea not to carry home insurance. 

Home insurance offers several very valuable coverages. The first coverage you need to consider is liability. If someone was injured while visiting your home or by a member of your family away from your home, you could be held liable for medical bills. Additionally, legal action could be brought against you. This may involve a judgment. Given the size of legal decisions these days, this could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. If it is not a hardship for you to pay this judgment, then home insurance is something you may not need. 

Home insurance also covers your physical structure against a variety of hazards, mostly beyond your control. Your content is also included in home insurance coverage. 

Can you live without home insurance, yes you can, but do you want to? Probably not. To discuss the benefits to you of home insurance, give the office of Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA to make an appointment. 

Auto Insurance for Used Cars

If you’re looking to get a used car in Aleanderia or Fredericksburg, VA, or already have one, then you should know what your options are for auto insurance. Auto insurance can cost a lot less for a used vehicle than it would for a brand new vehicle. Learn about auto insurance for used cars with Insurance Piggy Bank. 

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Auto insurance covers your vehicle financially in the case of an accident. Just because you have a used vehicle, you’re still entitled to the same amount of coverage as a new car, depending on the policy you choose. Here are some of the areas in which standard auto insurance provides coverage: 

  • Liability 
  • Injury
  • Property damage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Medical costs

While these are just some of the areas in which you can receive coverage from auto insurance, you can know precisely what you can get when you visit Insurance Piggy Bank for a consultation. 

Can You Get Covered with a Used Car? 

You can get covered with a used car. It is usually cheaper to insure a used vehicle than it is to insure a brand new model. Because of the lower cost of insurance, it can be much easier to get full coverage on your used vehicle, meaning you can get the same amount of security as a new car without having to pay the new car price. 

Most used vehicles can usually get pretty good warranties, sometimes even better than new cars. With the lower price of protecting a used car, you could opt to get liability, since the repairs on a used car would probably cost less than a new car. However, you’re probably better off getting full coverage on your used vehicle to the significantly lower cost of insurance. 

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