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Virginia Renters Insurance coverage
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Renters Insurance in Virginia

If you've recently rented a new apartment, you may be wondering whether you need renter’s insurance. At Insurance Piggy Bank, serving Fredericksburg VA and surrounding Virginia areas, our agents are here to help you get the renter's insurance policy you need. You have a few different thoughts to consider when deciding whether you need coverage.

Talk to your landlord and check your lease. Some leases/ landlords require that renters have insurance. Your landlord will be able to explain the policy for your building. Landlords often prefer tenants who have renter’s insurance, as this can protect tenants from paying a bundle in damage if/when the unexpected occurs. You'll also want to do an inventory of your belongings. Look at the total value of the items you own. This includes your furniture, phone, computer, other tech devices, books, jewelry, etc. It can be easy to assume that you don't have much value until you sit down and make a list.

Look at your savings account. Do you have enough money saved to cover yourself in the event of a catastrophe? If your apartment was broken into and all your belongings were stolen, would you easily be able to replace what you lost? Think about everything you'd need to replace just to get through the day- work clothes, shoes, phone, phone charger, computer, etc. These items can add up quickly. It's important to get a renter’s insurance policy to keep you and your belongings protected.

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After checking out the above, have you decided that it's time for you to purchase a renter’s insurance policy? Our agents at Insurance Piggy Bank, serving Virginia, are here to help. Give us a call or stop by the office at your convenience to talk to one of our friendly agents about finding a policy that fits your needs.

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