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Virginia Umbrella insurance coverage
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Umbrella Insurance in Virginia

When there is a hard rain you need an umbrella. This is the idea with an umbrella insurance policy which protects you when very bad things happen. Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA is here to help you get the coverage you need to protect your assets. In Virginia, an umbrella policy is essentially a liability policy that will cover you for catastrophic losses. Insurance policies are there, in general, to help you in a time of loss, but there are limits to the damages that are covered. An umbrella policy covers what is not covered under your normal policy.

If you had a major automobile accident, for instance, the losses could be $500,000 or more. If your auto policy has a limit of $300,000, you would still have to pay $200,000. That would wipe out most people financially. But if you had an umbrella policy you would be covered. It can cover you in any type of loss. If someone is hurt on your property, and you are sued, you would be covered even if the injured person as awarded a huge amount of money. An umbrella policy can also cover you for things like libel or slander.

The person who needs this type of policy the most is the person with the most to lose. People who are about to retire and have a nice nest egg built up for retirement, could see that all wiped out by once accident. People with a lot of assets benefit the most from this type of policy. It can be added to your normal policy and is not very expensive, but it does offer a lot of peace of mind for people in Virginia.

Call Insurance Piggy Bank in Fredericksburg, VA today to find out if this policy is right for you. We are here to help you understand insurance and to get you the best possible policy for your unique situation.

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